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If you have any further questions, please email us at LYNCHBURGDANCECONNECTION@GMAIL.COM

Is there a fee for LDC rehearsals?

Nope! The only fees for the dancers are the day of fees for 8/28 and costume fees (which we try our best to keep under $50 total).

Can I be at a studio, on a team, or in a crew, and still be apart of LDC?

If it's up to us... YES!!!! Please read through your studio, company, team, or crew rules and regulations thoroughly. If you are unsure, ask! We at LDC try our best to schedule our rehearsals and performances around other dance group's so that there shall be as little conflict as possible. In the case that there is a conflict, we ask that we are notified immediately, as well as we agree and understand that your studio, company, team, and/or crew come first. We are able to do what we do because the leaders of the dance community ALSO have the desire for unity in the dance community so we want to continue to honor and respect their businesses as they have supported ours. 

Do I have to audition if I just want to take class?

NOPE! On our registration form, you will be able to select classes you want to take and classes you want to audition for. This is completely up to you. If you are on the fence, we suggest selecting the audition option and then opting out the day of if you change your mind. You can just come take classes that day or you can audition! You choose :)

What do I wear for classes/auditions?

This is much like "dress for the job you want". Something you can move comfortably in. Some dancers bring different options for the different classes offered but that is not required. Shoes can vary from tennis shoes, converses, no shoes, tap shoes, character shoes, jazz shoes, etc. 

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