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Nationality: Hispanic/Latino, Dominican
From: Fairfax, Virginia

"I have been performing since the day I was born but never on stage! I’ve never been part of a huge production like this. I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity, and In The Heights was!

My Dominican roots have inspired my desire to be a part of this production heavily, and I can feel my ancestors’ influence in every step. Community means the world to me, and having lived in Lynchburg for almost a decade and being Latino, I’ve definitely missed that culture that I was so close to growing up with in D.C. Being a part of In The Heights has brought a piece of the roots I’ve missed and I have gained a new family!

The journey of becoming Sonny has by far been the highlight of my life. From the moment I was blessed with the role of Sonny, I have been thrilled to perfect it but also put my own spin on this character. What fuels me are the people I love and the moments in life I’ve experienced, whether good or bad.

THANK YOU JESUS for allowing my comfort zone to break FREE!

My favorite parts of being a part of this production have definitely been the people I’ve met along the way and of course, the RHYTHM.

From my heart to you all, LOS AMO!"

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